Profile - Mark Mitchell

Director, Mark T Mitchell Ltd, Consulting Geotechnical Engineer
Director, Geocon Geotechnical Ltd, Geotechnical Engineers

Mark Mitchell has been in professional practice as a specialist Consulting Geotechnical Engineer in Hamilton since 1973. Prior to this time he worked as a Design Engineer for an Auckland-based consulting engineering company and in the British Columbia Department of Public Works. He has also worked as a Senior Geotechnical Engineer for Tonkin & Taylor of Auckland and for Geolabs Inc, of Seattle, USA.

In the period 1968-1971 he worked with an internationally recognised firm of Consulting Geotechnical Engineers, Shannon & Wilson, Inc of Seattle, USA. During this period, the work undertaken consisted of organising field investigations and laboratory testing and preparing geotechnical reports for projects located primarily in the Northwest part of USA. Projects included earth retaining structures, airport facilities, multi-storeyed buildings, sewer lines, refuse landfills, shoreline protection and reservoir embankments. Geotechnical instrumentation work was also carried out in association with Slope Indicator Company, an instrumentation manufacturer also based in Seattle.

As an independent consulting engineer based in Hamilton, Mark Mitchell has for the past 30 years been associated with a wide range of projects from the planning through construction phases. He has been involved with subsurface explorations, laboratory and field testing of soils, engineering analysis and field studies for in excess of 10,000 individual projects during this time. The projects have been primarily located within the Central North Island, Coromandel, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki and Auckland areas, and with a wide range of projects also in the South Island. Clients included territorial authorities, local bodies, consulting engineers, architects, land surveyors, government departments, contractors, developers and home owners.

In addition to operating a consulting geotechnical engineering practice, Mark Mitchell has in the past been actively engaged in lecturing at the Waikato University (slope stability studies and research project adviser) and at the Waikato Institute of Technology (soil mechanics, geology and surveying). Also in the past he has been retained as an assessor for the Testing Laboratory Registration Council of New Zealand (TELARC). He is a director of Geocon Geotechnical Ltd, a company that offers services in laboratory testing, site investigations and construction inspection. Geocon Testing Equipment, a division of this company, has been a major importer/supplier of geotechnical, earthquake recording and geophysical instrumentation to major projects such as the Clyde Dam Landslide Studies.

Key Areas of Expertise
Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering; Site Development and Slope Stability Studies; General Site Investigation and Groundwater Studies; Retaining Wall Designs to 18 metres high; Foundation Analysis and Design; Stormwater and Wastewater Disposal

B.E. (Civil), Auckland University, 1966; M.S. (Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering), Purdue University, USA, 1968

Chartered Professional Engineer, New Zealand

Institution of Professional Engineers, New Zealand
Association of Consulting Engineers, New Zealand
American Society of Civil Engineers
Geological Society of New Zealand
New Zealand Geotechnical and Geophysical Societies