Onsite Stormwater Design

At Waikato Geotechnical, we provide comprehensive onsite stormwater design services. Our team of experts uses their in-depth knowledge of the unique geological features of the Waikato region to design stormwater systems that effectively manage runoff and improve water quality.

The Importance of Onsite Stormwater Design
Effective stormwater management is essential to prevent flooding and ensure sustainable development. Our onsite stormwater design services focus on reducing runoff, retaining and reusing stormwater onsite1 while maintaining natural hydrologic cycles2.

Our Approach
Based on site conditions and design goals, we design bioretention cells, downspout full infiltration systems, and other Best Management Practices (BMPs). Our designs work with existing site constraints and meet all local, state, and national performance and design standards.

Features and Benefits

Expert Design
Our highly skilled and experienced geotechnical engineers are dedicated to providing comprehensive stormwater management plans that are precisely tailored to meet the unique needs of your site. With their expertise and attention to detail, you can trust that our team will design a solution that optimizes water flow, minimizes environmental impact, and ensures the long-term sustainability of your project.

Sustainable Solutions
At our company, we specialize in creating innovative stormwater management systems that go beyond simply handling water runoff. Our designs are carefully crafted to ensure not only effective stormwater management but also to contribute to the overall sustainability of your project. By implementing our systems, you can significantly reduce water pollution, promote biodiversity, and create a more environmentally friendly and resilient site. With our expertise, you can achieve both efficient stormwater management and sustainable development.

Compliance Assurance
Our meticulously crafted designs not only meet all relevant regulations, but also guarantee compliance with the highest standards. For instance, in New Zealand, this includes adhering to the Building Code, Health and Safety at Work Act, and Environmental Protection Standards, among others. Rest assured that your project will be in full accordance with these regulations to ensure safety, quality, and legality.

Risk Mitigation
Our comprehensive range of services is specifically designed to effectively mitigate the risk of flooding and water damage, ensuring optimal protection for your valuable investment. With our cutting-edge technologies and expert solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is safeguarded against potential water-related disasters.

Choose Waikato Geotechnical for your onsite stormwater design needs and benefit from our expertise and commitment to excellence.